Named the causes of morning headache

Who among us did not Wake up in the morning with a headache? It would seem that no reasons for the development of this condition was not, however, the awakening is accompanied by headache. Experts said the reasons most frequently causing headache.

Названы причины, вызывающие утром головную боль

1. Migraine

Doctor Jennifer Krieger of Cleveland headache center said that the most likely time for the development of migraine is between 4 to 9 am. It was during this period reduced the production of endorphins and enkephalins, which has a natural analgesic property. As to the development of migraine results in an increased content of adrenaline in the morning period, causing a pressure rise.

2. The sleep apnea syndrome

Repeated delays in breathing during a night’s sleep leading to hypoxia of the brain and increased pressure, which leads to headaches. There is an enormous number of cases of heart attacks and strokes, and other cardiac disorders, developed on the background of sleep apnea.

3. Gnashing of teeth

The habit of “creak” teeth leads to tension in the temporomandibular joints. The change in position of the jaw and the resulting stress provokes the development of headache.

4. Alcoholic drinks

The negative impact of substances contained in alcohol with the neurotransmitters in the brain, can cause as a regular headache and a migraine. The ability of the alcohol withdraw fluid from the body, leads to dehydration, which also contributes to the development of headaches.

5. Dangerous health disorders

It is possible that headache is more serious disease — cancer. Most often, a headache in this scenario, you receive it in the morning, as at this time the pressure in the spinal cord has the greatest performance. If to this was added the disturbance of vision, equilibrium, appeared drowsiness and changes in cognitive abilities — visit a doctor.

Of course, not all headaches talking about the development of pathological processes in the body, but still, it is better not to risk and pass the examination by experts.