Named the conditions for a good sleep

Scientists from the United States analyzed the key factors that affect the quality of nighttime sleep, and called the main ones. Following the recommendations of American scientists, you will be able to significantly improve the quality of their sleep.

Названы условия для хорошего сна

The authors extensive research conducted a series of experiments in which participants slept in the laboratory and thus provided the scientists with valuable data for analysis. Experiments with sleep deprivation, and experiments in which the participants, on the contrary, good sleep, showed that sleep plays a crucial for normal health.

“Night without sleep increases the level of anxiety by at least thirty percent, and also makes people much more neurotic and intemperate. Our experiments indicate that spent without sleep a night helps reduce the activity of the medial prefrontal cortex of the brain. And it is this part of the brain responsible for control of anxiety levels”, — say the staff of the University of California at Berkeley.

In order to ensure a good quality night sleep, you need to adhere to basic rules. It is necessary, in particular, to sleep in well-ventilated and shaded cool place, not to drink before sleeping, alcohol and coffee, and don’t use electronic devices an hour before bedtime. Smartphones that means they do need to keep away from the bed, if you want to sleep. You have to sleep at the same time, but if you suddenly felt that you can’t sleep, do something calming until you feel a real need to rest.