Named the factors causing pancreatic cancer

Low survival rate, difficulty in treatment and metastases: cancer of the pancreas is one of the most serious problems for oncologists. According to doctors, to protect themselves from the tumor, it is necessary to live a healthy life and above all to try to avoid diabetes.

Названы факторы, вызывающие рак поджелудочной железы

Pancreatic cancer is one of the most common types. But perhaps no cancer is not as insidious and dangerous: patients and even the doctors learn about tumors of the pancreas, when to treat it’s too late. In many cases, a malignant tumor is discovered accidentally during a regular physical examination.

Statistically, the incidence of pancreatic cancer has been steadily increasing in recent years in industrialized countries. According to the European Association of gastroenterology (UEG), the number of deaths from the consequences of this disease for the period 1990 to 2016 increased by five percent. According to experts, this growth primarily contributes to the lifestyle of modern people.

Experts said the main risk factors for development of pancreatic cancer

Bad habits. Smoking, obesity, a diet high in fat content meat and excessive alcohol consumption have a great influence on the development of pancreatic cancer.

Inflammation. The influence of chronic pancreatitis the risk of pancreatic carcinoma is proven.

Diabetes. Diabetes is not a direct precursor to pancreatic cancer, such as in the case of polyps and colorectal cancer. However, scientists link diabetes and pancreatic cancer. In an interview with the Professor-endocrinologist from the University medical center göttingen Volker Ellenrieder said that diabetes can even be a symptom of early stage cancer. It was found that in the case of pancreatic cancer diagnosed patients aged 50 years, often several years before they were diagnosed with diabetes.

Genetic predisposition. In respect of this type of cancer it also plays a role: especially when it comes to hereditary forms of chronic pancreatitis. If one or two close relatives have cancer of the pancreas, must be examined.

The problem of early detection. Early detection methods for pancreatic cancer such as those that help to identify cancer of the breast or colon, unfortunately, does not exist. In the future, as it is considered, doctors will be able to rely on blood tests (“liquid biopsy”). But so far, no one approach in this direction has not become effective: until the blood test is not a reliable mechanism for early detection of cancer.

As can be suspected pancreatic cancer? In the early stages of the disease, pancreatic cancer does not cause any specific symptoms only nonspecific, which can also be associated with other causes. One of those is a pain in the back.

Symptoms such as a feeling of pressure in upper abdomen and pain, loss of appetite, weight loss or jaundice, appear only when the disease is already advanced.