Named the highest paid dead star, according to Forbes

Recently, Forbes presented the annual ranking of the past life of stars with the highest incomes. First place in the list for the seventh year in a row took his death in 2009 Michael Jackson “earned” for 2019 is $ 60 million.

Названы самые высокооплачиваемые умершие звезды по версии Forbes

This year the number of listens of the songs of the king of pop has increased compared to last year. In many ways, this boom happened with the release of the controversial documentary “Leaving Neverland” (Neverland Leaving), in which Jackson is accused of pedophilia.

Second in the ranking was Elvis Presley, the third line took cartoonist Charles Schulz, and in fourth place is the golfer Arnold Palmer. The top five richest dead stars closes Bob Marley — his annual income was $ 20 million.

Found out room for newcomers. First on the list were deceased in 2012, Whitney Houston — the star took 12th place with $ 9.5 million dollars. First time Forbes included in the ranking and XXXTentacion rapper, who was shot on the streets of Miami in June 2018. The artist is located on the 11th line of the list with an income of $ 10 million per year.

A full list of the highest paid dead stars 2019 according to Forbes

1. Michael Jackson $ 60 million.

2. Elvis Presley: $ 39 million.

3. Charles Schulz: $ 38 million.

4. Arnold Palmer: $ 30 million.

5. Bob Marley: $ 20 million.

6. Dr. seuss: $ 19 million.

7. John Lennon: $ 14 million.

8. Marilyn Monroe: $ 13 million.

9. Prince: $ 12 million.

10. Of nipsey Hussl: $ 11 million.

11. XXXTentacion: $ 10 million.

12. Whitney Houston: 9.5 million dollars.

13. George Harrison: $ 9 million.