Named the main cause of overeating

Experts outlined the fact that regularly causes a person to overeat.

Названа главная причина переедания

Obesity has reached global epidemic. Recently the staff of McGill University have made a discovery that shed light on this issue. We identified brain cells that play a crucial role in the regulation of appetite. It is accepted that appetite is controlled by the molecules of leptin, the peptide hormone regulating energy metabolism.

This hormone is produced fat cells, and blood it enters the brain, signaling satiety. The focus of the scientists were median Eminence of the hypothalamus. If this place is to suppress the activity of a certain group of cells (NG2-glia), the brain doesn’t receive signals of fullness. This fact is proved by experiments with mice.

The scientists used the drug, neutralizing NG2-glial cells in the median Eminence. In the end, after three days the animals started eating a lot more than the control group. And about a month their weight is doubled. This explains why individuals with brain cancer often gain weight. Radiation therapy inhibits the activity of glial cells, which causes inadequate appetite.