Named the main danger of eyelash extensions

This procedure should not be abused.

Названа главная опасность наращивания ресниц

Glued or extended eyelashes can harm the natural hairline on the eyelid that would adversely affect the beauty and health.

This was told by the doctor-cosmetologist Oksana Chashchina, listing good reasons “do not abuse” of this beauty procedure.

In particular, according to the expert, to a single cilium attach two or three additional hairs. But the root, the follicle, is not always able to cope with the extra load. This leads to injury and atrophy.

“In this case the most innocent consequence of the loss and the cessation of the lash” – said Chaschina.

Moreover, the build-up can cause decreased vision due to poor quality substances used in the procedure. There is absolutely no guarantee that it will not cause skin burns the ciliary edge of the century, of the cornea and conjunctiva.