Named the main reason of weight gain

Sugar in liquid form in the first place is causing weight gain, excess and, ultimately, obesity — unlike the sugar contained in solid food. The announcement was made by French scientists, their arguments are published in the newspaper Le Figaro.

Названа главная причина набора лишнего веса

French experts have appealed to the results of experiments on mice carried out in China, and correlated their results with biased changes in the health of modern people. In research with animals, scientists came to the conclusion that liquid sugar is the main cause of weight gain. Unlike solid foods, it quickly led to increase in the fat layer and increased the rodents ‘ appetite, increasing the intensity of adiposis has.

Speaking of people, the French scientists also concluded that liquid sugar contributes to the imbalance of calories (a person receives more than it spends), leading to excess weight and obesity.

Experts said that for modern people typically gain weight at the age from 20 to 55 years old average, they gain a pound a year. These extra pound arise due to excessive consumption of only a dozen calories a day, stated neuroscientist Michelle Demiurge.

According to representatives of science, those calories that give the body liquids contained in the sugar, special perceived by the body, not in the way calories from solid food. Evolutionary mechanisms of regulation of hunger in the human body was formed in such a way that only water is taken appropriately as a liquid to quench thirst and sustain life. Our bodies are not “sharpened” on the assimilation of carbonated beverages and juices in its purest form – so get them calories to remain “invisible”, not used for energy production. They are only deposited in the fat. So say scientists who are encouraged to refrain from drinking any sugary drinks.