Named the main reasons of acne on the back


One of the most common skin problems is the appearance of body and face acne. In most cases, this affects teenagers in puberty, but often these troubles arise in adulthood. Experts in the field of medicine and health has called the main reasons of acne on the back.

Названы основные причины появления прыщей на спине

In the first place back acne can occur due to the nonobservance of personal hygiene, resulting in contamination of the follicles. Also, the reason may be hormonal failure in the body and excessive development of subcutaneous fat. The girls and women back acne can occur when changes in hormone levels during pregnancy or menstruation. Another reason often wear something tight and not breathable fabrics. Experts recommend not to sleep on dirty bed linen, which meets a large number of pathogenic bacteria, and the constant wearing over the back of the backpack can cause irritation on the back and acne.

To reduce the risk of acne will help the revision of the diet and avoiding harmful fatty foods. You should not touch and scratch the areas of skin that have acne and it is strongly recommended not to squeeze acne, because after that, their number is likely to only increase as the affected areas will be skin problems in the form of small scars.