Named the main symptoms of a heart attack quiet

With a quiet heart attack symptoms are too mild, the result is that the problem is not taken seriously. In this form occurs about 50% of all cases of acute heart attack, said researchers from Harvard University.

Названы основные симптомы тихого инфаркта

According to Harvard University Professor George Placke, many people who have had a silent heart attack do not seek medical advice because they do not realize that their health and life is under serious threat. This raises the risk of another attack which might prove fatal.
“The symptoms of life-threatening conditions are expressed so poorly and continue so long that they are often mistaken for normal discomforts. However, the heart begins to suffer, it appears the scars,” — said the scientist.

Among the symptoms the quiet of a heart attack Harvard specialist identified the following phenomena:

  • discomfort in the center of the chest a sensation of a pressure pain, not passing a few minutes (also possible that this pain quickly disappears, but then there again);
  • discomfort in one or both hands, and in the back, abdomen, neck or lower jaw;
  • shortness of breath;
  • sudden cold sweat;
  • dizziness;
  • nausea.