Named the most common causes of a burning sensation in the feet

The actual problem for many.

You are faced with a burning sensation in the foot? Here are 8 most common causes of this unpleasant disorder and their treatment.

Названы самые распространенные причины жжения в стопах

1. Vitamin B12 deficiency

Few people know this, but vitamin B12 deficiency causes numbness and tingling in the feet and hands. In some of the most advanced cases, with a shortage of this vitamin in the body can cause difficulties when walking. That is why it is important to be tested for levels of vitamin B12 and can make up for the deficit.

2. Diabetes

Diabetes is the most common cause of neuropathy in the elderly. The victims of diabetes often complain of severe burning in the feet. In this case, they help doctors with extensive experience in the treatment of this disease.

3. Alcoholism

Alcoholism is considered another common cause of neuropathy, as alcohol damage the nerve tissue. Victims of this disorder suffer from alcoholic neuropathy, which can persist for long periods of time, if the patient does not find the strength to quit.

4. Certain medications

In some cases, cause a burning sensation in the feet are cures for certain diseases. For example, such side effects are related to TB drugs, drugs for chemotherapy and other agents for the treatment of cancer.

5. Chronic kidney disease

A burning sensation in the foot accompanies chronic renal disease and going through hemodialysis patients quite often report this feeling.


HIV can cause a tingling and burning sensation in hands and feet, known as peripheral neuropathy. Among her other symptoms are lack of coordination, muscle weakness, elevated level of pain and a burning sensation in the feet during sleep.

7. Anemia

Doctors warn that in addition to the B12 deficiency lack of other nutrients in the body is also responsible for sensation in the feet. It is about iron deficiency, which will help to identify the blood.

8. Lyme Disease

This disease is caused by insect bites, direct contact with infected animals, or even with the saliva of Pets. One of the symptoms of Lyme disease are a burning sensation in the hands and feet. But don’t panic if you experience these sensations, if you have Pets. Still, Lyme disease is rarely the cause of a burning sensation in the foot.