Named the most dangerous foods for liver

Malfunctions of the liver reduce the quality of life and can lead to serious diseases. What foods are especially dangerous?

Названы самые опасные продукты для печени

Alcohol. Acetaldehyde is the breakdown product of alcohol causes a disruption of the liver: healthy cells are replaced by fat, and the body increases and starts to work worse. Gradually developing fibrosis, and then the case can reach up to cirrhosis.

Sugar. Its use not only leads to development of diabetes, but also to the cells of the liver. Sugar, if they carried, can cause the enlarged liver due to the formation of adipose tissue. According to recent studies, sugar is even more dangerous than regular sugar.

Excessive salt intake affects the cells of the liver, deforms them, causing death and inhibits the division. In the long term this can lead to fibrosis. By itself, salt is not harmful, it performs a vital function. But you need no more than 6 grams of sodium a day, and we often eat much more.

Products with TRANS fats. The liver is very sensitive to fatty foods, especially harmful ones, which contain TRANS fats. This ingredient increases the level of bad cholesterol and lowers good.

TRANS fats is also associated with an increased risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, including coronary heart disease and heart attacks, and cancer, diabetes, dementia, depression, and liver disease.