Named the most dangerous foods for men’s health

5 foods that negatively affect the health of men.

I agree that “well-being” women depends largely on the intimate health of men.

Названы самые опасные продукты для мужского здоровья

If you want to favorite was an excellent lover to a ripe old age, pay attention to his food.

Here is a list of foods that can cause erectile dysfunction!


According to the results of research scientists from Tulane University, a large amount of sodium in the diet of men leads to an increase in blood pressure. Very often this factor becomes a cause of impotence against which the standard methods of treatment of this sexual disorder impotent.


Soy products also can affect erection. And the fact is that soy beans contain estrogen, which lowers testosterone levels.


Each jar of canned food there is a chemical substance called diphenylolpropane (TPA), which is four times increases the risk of impotence. So stew, pies and other similar products to representatives of the stronger sex do not get carried away.

TRANS fats

Such fats are known to negatively affect the condition of the heart and blood vessels. And circulatory health directly affects the quality of erections.


After entering the body men serious dose of glucose testosterone levels, as a rule, is reduced as much as a quarter. This explains the lack of erection after consuming large quantities of sweets.