Named the most dangerous profession for life and health

The stewardess is one of the most romantic professions in the world. These beautiful nymph on 10-inch heels remain calm and smiling in any situation and can handle even the most complex accident on Board

Названа самая опасная профессия для жизни и здоровья человека

But for external appeal lie rather unpleasant details which could force you to give up this profession many of the flight attendants, they know about these “pitfalls” in advance.


Researchers from the University of California at San Francisco conducted a series of studies involving 270 thousand volunteers from among the flight attendants and stewards, and found that the profession is more than two times higher risk of cancer, particularly melanoma, which is the most dangerous type of cancer. The reason is simple: with regular human presence at the height of his body is exposed to ultraviolet and cosmic radiation. Mortality from these diseases is very high, and melanoma are generally very difficult to treat. The flight attendants often diagnosed develop breast cancer.

Названа самая опасная профессия для жизни и здоровья человека

In addition to the radiation, aggravating factor is the lack of normalized working day, night shifts, shift work, frequent finding in conditions of artificial lighting, which significantly reduces the production of the essential hormone melatonin. Doctors found that the annual radiation exposure of flight attendants and flight attendants one and a half times the exposure, which in the same period of exposed workers of nuclear industry!

Suicides, alcoholism and mental illness

Scientists from the neurophysiological laboratory of the University of Washington found that the risk of suicide and mental disorders in the personnel of airline passengers, higher than worldly occupations and a half to two times. Two and a half times more likely to have stewards observed alcoholism with severe consequences, including death. Causes constant anxiety, the emergence of conflict situations on Board the aircraft in a closed space, the regular change of time and climate zones.

Hearing loss

Constant exposure to noise destroys the hearing of the stewards, who are constantly in critical conditions for this indicator. During takeoff, the noise of his engines reaches 60 to 65 decibels during the flight — up to 85 decibels during landing — 75-80 decibels. It is those values that are considered very dangerous if last for 8 hours — which is what happens often in the work of flight attendants.

Disorders of musculoskeletal function and diseases of the musculoskeletal system

Constant presence at height, repetitive motion, atmospheric pressure differential causes the flight attendants frequent pain in joints, muscles and lead to early degenerative disc disease, muscle pain, scoliosis, headaches, constriction of blood vessels.

Reproductive problems

Research clinical laboratory of the Institute of reproduction in Florida showed that the problems of conception, pregnancy and birth of a healthy baby is two to three times more frequently in flight attendants and associated nearly 70 percent of cases with the characteristics and conditions of their work. Broken mode day causes irregular menstrual cycle, failure of ovulation, difficulty with pregnancy, miscarriage in the early stages.

Sleep disorders

It is not surprising, unfortunately, when downed day mode of flight attendants are very often identified sleep problems. Medication is having the desired effect, since the return to work issues return. And the longer such violations affect the health of a person, the harder it is to cope with the consequences even after leaving the job.