Named the most “dirty” products in the world

Appeared in the list of risky products.

Названы самые «грязные» в мире продукты

Scientists Center for control and prevention of diseases suggested the fair sex study the list of the ten most dirty food.

According to experts, a thorough treatment of these components of the daily diet can reduce the chances of catching foodborne diseases, reports

Project Manager Katherine Adams stated that, following this list, you can take precautions, thus reducing the chances of infection and to maintain their health.

The first number in the list of risky products is the greens. The contamination of the product is affected by the irrigated water and grazing of animals. Then on the list are eggs. The problem, according to doctor of science Donald Shafer, that they may be infected already inside the hen, if she is infected, or in the chicken coop. The Professor recommends eating eggs, only treated at a temperature of at least 160 degrees.

Fresh tuna is in third place, due to the high content of mercury in fish.

According to the list many of your favorite oysters can spread dangerous bacteria cholera. Therefore, eat oysters, caught in cold waters, where bacteria can’t survive.

Prepared salads, including potato, can also become a carrier of infections. Then on the list is unpasteurized milk and cheese products. It is good to wash and handle the cold at least two hours scientists recommend tomatoes and berries, to get rid of harmful bacteria that can cause serious harm to the health of the body.

Closes the rating of the meat, which is necessary before use in food processing at high temperature. If you follow all these rules, you will be able to reduce the risk of developing certain diseases.