Named the most effective ways to get rid of the craving for alcohol

Alcoholism involves cravings to drink. Addiction can be eradicated. But is it necessary to spend a lot of effort. How to get rid of the craving for alcohol.

Названы самые эффективные способы избавиться от тяги к алкоголю

Method # 1: distraction

To escape from thinking about alcohol can be very difficult, but it must be done. You need to think about something completely different, including thoughts, must be non-alcohol.

It is a good idea to watch the others you events — to be distracted by family, work, but not to delve deeply into what is happening. It is best to take the position of observer. Conversations with friends and family will be a nice option for a distraction from the craving for alcohol.

But you can go the other way — just to change plans here and now. For example, to quit reading a book and play sports, go for a walk or just to do your homework. Sometimes computer games are able to take in what is happening 100%. Such distraction helps to get rid of the craving for alcohol.

Method # 2: Hobbies

Remember what Hobbies you had loved before had a craving for alcohol. Maybe it’s those computer games or knitting, riding a bike or drawing. All people need a hobby, especially alcohol-dependent. So just take note of this and rather enjoy a hobby that you like.

Method # 3: need images

Call up the desired images is one of the surest methods to help get rid of craving for alcohol. Importantly, the images were bright, causing a strong emotional response. For example, you can think about something very bad that happened under the influence of alcohol or present some pleasant moments, which are possible only without taking alcohol.

Method # 4: rationalize

This method is suitable only for those who know how to think rationally. The craving for alcohol is often compared to automatic thoughts, which occur without our desire. In this case, it is ideal rationalization as the antithesis of such automaticity. It is better to see what’s going on in your head with the other hand. Maybe you just need to stop and analyze your thoughts. Ask yourself questions what would happen if you succumb to this craving, what you need to do to avoid this.

Method # 5: relax

Very often alcohol take it in order to relax. But you have to learn how to do it without this drink. For relaxation you can use a variety of methods, for example, just to take a bath, practice yoga or meditation, go shopping, lie on the couch and watch a favorite movie.

Technique # 6: “reminder”

This is one of the most convenient techniques that will relieve from the craving for alcohol. All you need is a card that can be hung on different surfaces in the house. They need to write various settings that will help you to be firm in their intentions. The main thing that they were affirmative.