Named the most useful for women dried

Experts in the field of healthy nutrition of the United States of America suggest all women start to regularly eat prunes. This dried fruit, as scientists have found, contains nutrients that strengthen the bones and protects the female body against osteoporosis.

Назван самый полезный для женщин сухофрукт

Osteoporosis is a chronic disease which reduces bone density and increases their fragility. The risk of osteoporosis among women is three times higher than among men, so women must be especially careful to ensure that their diet had all the necessary skeleton of minerals. And prunes, as the researchers found, is a great helper in this.

American scientists conducted a pilot study in which tested how the prune acts on the skeleton women. Analysis of indicators of women who regularly ate prunes for some time, showed that this dried fruit really helps to strengthen bones.

And that’s not all. High levels of antioxidants, characteristic of prunes, helps to reduce the factors that accelerate biological aging. That is, the prunes can be regarded as an effective anti-aging remedy. But this, of course, it must be present in the diet on a regular basis.