Named the reason, Jolie and pitt can’t finish a painful divorce

Названа причина, по которой Джоли и Питт не могут закончить мучительный развод

44-year-old Angelina Jolie and 55-year-old brad pitt is still not issued your divorce. The trial of former partners lasted for three years, reminiscent of Yahoo, with reference to the Blast.

As you know, the star couple announced their separation in 2016 — a year after the official wedding, held in a luxurious estate in France. Before that the couple lived 9 years in a civil marriage and raised six children together — three biological and three adopted.

Названа причина, по которой Джоли и Питт не могут закончить мучительный развод

News divorce shocked fans of the actors. A few months before the breakup, Jolie assured journalists that they have with brad a great relationship and that a couple can be called “stable”.

For the past three years Angelina and brad are suing each other. Initially, your character showed Jolie. It who plays Maleficent’s filed for divorce and sought sole custody of the General heirs.

Pitt did not agree to the conditions ex-lover. The actor proved that he is a good father who wants to bring common offspring. After numerous quarrels and meetings with lawyers, the spouses managed to agree on the question about children, but there was a new difficulty.

Now artists can not divide marital property. In particular, they cannot decide who gets the business brand, Château Miraval. The company was established a few years ago and named after a castle and vineyard in the South of France. It was held there wedding ceremony, Jolie and pitt. Now actors are not willing each other to give in and fight for the wine business.

Brad was asked to expedite consideration and expressed the desire to hire a private judge. His request was granted on the condition that he will personally pay for the services of a Minister of Themis. Angelina agreed with the decision of the actor. Lawyers assume that the hired judge can significantly simplify the consideration of the case and allow the ex-lover to get a divorce in the near future.

Названа причина, по которой Джоли и Питт не могут закончить мучительный развод

In early October, Jolie admitted that pitt made her walk down the aisle. The actress said that it was organized by the unregistered relationship, and a stamp in the passport all messed up.

During the promotional tour of her new movie star open up about a personal life. According to her, the period after breaking up with brad it was very difficult. Moreover, the inner experiences affected the health of mothers.

As previously reported “FACTS”, Jolie, together with her daughters took to the red carpet premiere of the film “Maleficent: mistress of the dark”. The actress chose a sophisticated outfit in a Gothic style.

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