Named the size of the maximum award for Ministers

The maximum bonus for Ministers after binding of their salaries to the average for Ukraine together with the salary will not exceed UAH 100 thousand.

Назван размер максимальной премии для министров

This was announced by first Deputy head of the faction “servant of the people” Alexander Kornienko, the correspondent of RBC-Ukraine.

According to him, the faction normally accept binding Ministerial salaries to the average in Ukraine.

“The position, which announced that, on average, 3-5 times more than the average wage in the country, that’s okay too. The average salary is about 10 thousand hryvnia, from 10 to 11 now ranges. Therefore, the official salary of 30-35 thousand hryvnia — that an adequate salary. Award in the amount of one salary. It can be together with 60 thousand, but actually no more than 100 thousand This is a normal story, completely adequate,” — said Kornienko

He also added that the average salary of the Deputy reaches 40 thousand

“The deputies who have scientific degrees, a little more. But we, the rank and file deputies do not have titles. I have less the head of the Committee. Accordingly, if Ministers will get salaries in the same range of 40-50 thousand it will be more accurate and acceptable,” — said the Deputy.