Named the true causes of the loss of “Naftogaz”

The real reasons for the loss of “Naftogaz of Ukraine” until 2016 — plundering on the part of officials and oligarchs who were close to different chapters of the country.

Названы истинные причины убыточности «Нафтогаза»

This was written by the Director of the center for anti-oligarchic policy Vladimir Lartsev the material for the portal “Hvilya”.

“The true causes of chronic loss of “Naftogaz of Ukraine” until 2016 was not high rental rates for the production of oil and gas undervalued (social) tariffs for gas, heating and hot water, as repeatedly stated in the media KOBOLEV and Vitrenko, and the enormous size of plundering and milking through various corrupt schemes of state-owned companies, senior officials and confidants to presidents businessmen”, — said the casket.

He believes that to lose the loss of “Naftogaz” has not been effective its managers, and a three-fold increase in tariffs for industry and consumers at the request of the International monetary Fund, as well as “predatory” allocation of profits and expenses with utility companies, region and city gas companies.

According to Lartsev, the current top managers of “Naftogaz” did not want to increase the amount of gas produced, and to extend the scheme of sale and purchase of natural gas from Russia through foreign intermediary companies to increase their own revenues.

He stressed that “Naftogaz” consciously failed program to increase its own gas production, despite large investments.