Named unexpected causes of runny nose

The flu is just one of the causes of the common cold. Autumn, of course, quite often, but still not the only one. So, before you start to dig in his nose antibiotics, you should ensure that you have a runny nose is caused by infection and not something else.

Названы неожиданные причины возникновения насморка

Bad weather

When its raining and cold, then the endless sneezing and blowing your nose do we explain the fact that he was sick. However, it can be not in viruses, and in particular the response of the organism to changes in air temperature and atmospheric pressure. Some people have impaired regulation of vascular tone the autonomic nervous system (first of this condition called dystonia), and the internal organs begin to work at cross-purposes. Unstable blood pressure, impaired heat dissipation is a person that is unreasonably cold, it feels hot, appears meteosensitivity. In the same row and the increased formation of mucus in the nose, which manifests itself in the form of causeless cold. And bad weather is the most frequent provoker of this condition. Because the tone in the vessels and the blood circulation is poor, blood actively enters the mucosa of the nose, it swells.

By the way, because the cause of the “weather” due to the imbalance of blood vessels, the vasoconstrictor drops in this case will not help and will only worsen the situation.


Under stress the body actively begins to produce adrenaline. Once in the blood, it constricts blood vessels — including vessels of the nose, resulting in him begins to flow.

Fungal Allergy

Many people believe that allergic rhinitis occurs only during spring and summer when everything is blooming. And in autumn, when the leaves fall, what could be allergic to? Although at this time of year there is often a reaction to the mushrooms and the brightest representative — mold. Rotting wet leaves in the street or quietly flowing seams of our prefabricated houses is a wonderful place to live there mold. And you will be sneezing, dripping nose new tools and scold weather.


Heaters and especially air conditioners not only warm, but dry air. And very dry air is not too great: it dries the mucosa, which becomes susceptible to allergens and bacteria. So, asogravas, do not forget to ventilate the room or put a humidifier.

A deviated septum

Perfect noses are rare. For most of us, the nasal septum is shifted to one side, and if it is still narrowed, then breathing is difficult. It happens that on this place are formed spikes that literally block the nose. Man thinks that he has chronic colds or allergies, and he has vasomotor rhinitis, caused by a deviated septum, which disrupted and vascular tone and mucus production.