Named unexpected harmful property popular condiments

From it is to abstain.

American scientists have found that turmeric, which is used for the manufacture of curry and is a medicinal plant that may contain lead, having a neurotoxic effect.

Названо неожиданное вредное свойство популярной приправы

Researchers at Stanford University explored the possible reasons of falling of heavy metal in the blood of the people of Bangladesh from the ratio of lead isotopes. As it turned out, the most likely source is turmeric, which is in the processing of adding chromate of lead to impart a bright yellow color. The practice continues since the 1980-ies, when the roots of the turmeric is almost discolored as a result of the floods.

Lead increases the risk of cardiovascular disease in adults and causes developmental disorders of the Central nervous system in children. About 90% of children with elevated heavy metal blood live in countries with low income. According to UN estimates, cognitive disorders result in economic losses of nearly a trillion dollars.