Named unexpected reason for the development of osteoarthritis

Science has already proven that loneliness has a negative impact on the human psyche and its well-being. And now researchers have found that social isolation leads to osteoarthritis in the elderly.

Названа неожиданная причина развития остеоартрита

Victims of arthritis often have other health problems that increase the likelihood of social isolation or loneliness. Among them anxiety disorders, depression, fear of movement due to possible attacks of arthritis, physical inactivity, and failure to take care of ourselves. Approximately 30% of people older than 65 have arthritis in varying degrees, especially in the joints of the feet. Despite this fact, until recently, has science been few studies about the relationship between arthritis and loneliness.

And now in “the journal of the American geriatric community” published the results of this study. The authors wanted to establish if any connection between arthritis and social exclusion, and to determine how much it increases the degree of loneliness osteoarthritis. All study participants at the beginning of the observation talked about how socially isolated they are. The answers to this question were also made in 12 and 18 months. Half of the volunteers were women, approximately 30% of them had arthritis. At the beginning of the observations, 20% of participants suffered from loneliness. Those who did not have problems with communication, as a rule, had a higher income and better education. Also they are more practiced physical activity, experienced less pain, walked faster.

In the end, of the 1 585 participants who did not consider himself lonely at the beginning of the study, after 18 months of loneliness were observed in 13%. It was directly associated with poor health and progression of osteoarthritis. The researchers also proved that the arthritis increases the risk of social exclusion.