Named useful properties of sea buckthorn

The content of nutrients of the fruits of sea buckthorn are on a par with ginseng, but these berries is more accessible, especially for the Russians, where overgrown plants can be found almost everywhere. Experts in the field of medicine and health identified a number of useful properties of sea buckthorn is a natural antidepressant and aphrodisiac.

Названы полезные свойства облепихи

In view of the availability and the undoubted benefits for the human body buckthorn people learned not only to use it as a preventative or remedy, but as the basis of some of the dishes and preparations for the winter. Experts say that this berry helps to get rid of accumulated toxins and normalizes the digestive tract eliminates excessive gas formation, constipation and bloating. Sea buckthorn is also helpful for the scalp and hair, so it is possible to do infusions for rinsing and masks.

To use the fruit of sea buckthorn is recommended for people who often experiences stress as it has a similar effect as antidepressants. The oil from this berry helps to restore the complexion, and damaged skin structure. Another important feature of sea buckthorn is the normalization of libido. Often it is compared with oysters – known as a natural aphrodisiac, helps with problems with libido.