Named vegetable that detoxifies and helps to lose weight

Cucumber is one of the most popular vegetables all over the world, it is valued for unique taste, but above all because it contains a large amount of water and nutrients, because this makes it very useful for our entire body.

Назван овощ, который выводит токсины и помогает похудеть

He has always been an indispensable ingredient for salads and smoothies, and is especially refreshing on hot summer days.

In addition, the cucumber replenishes reserves of moisture in the body, its regular use can provide support for important body functions, such as those which have an impact on weight loss.

There are many reasons why this vegetable is becoming so popular. Today we will share with you its amazing properties and recipe special drink for detoxification of the body, which will help you to lose weight.

What nutritional value has a cucumber?

It is estimated that cucumbers are 95% water. In addition, one serving of raw and unpeeled cucumber contains the following nutrients:

26 mg calcium

28 mg of phosphorus

1.2 mg of iron

6 mg of sodium

168 mg potassium

13 mg of magnesium

Vitamin A

Vitamin C

Vitamin B

Vitamin E

Cucumber and its main useful properties

The main advantages of cucumber associated with health and beauty of our skin. High water content in combination with vitamin C and E makes it one of our best allies for skin care and prevent premature aging.

Cucumber contains essential oils and antioxidants that hydrate the skin and reduce the negative effects of free radicals. It acts as a good remedy for burns caused by the sun, and other skin problems, for example, excessive secretion of sebum.

In addition, it is proved that it contains anti-inflammatory flavonol called fisetin, which positively affects the health of our brain, preventing memory loss and protecting the cells from damage caused by age.

In addition, due to the high content of water and vitamins, it helps in detoxification processes and excretion of excess fluid from the body. This property of cucumber is especially useful for those who want to lose weight.

Why you should drink cucumber water?

Now you know that this vegetable is very useful for our body, and we will tell you how to use all of them in optimal shape.

We’re talking about popular recipe, known as the “cucumber water”. This refreshing drink is an important part of many diets designed to lose weight and cleanse the body from accumulated in it of toxins. What are the benefits?

Cucumber is very good for digestion

Regular consumption of cucumber water will help to achieve optimal pH balance of the body to reduce its acidity and to prevent malfunctions in the major systems.

It should be noted that the alkaline environment helps us easier to gain muscle mass and destroys bad fats.


Every day our body works by eliminating all those toxins that accumulate as a result of poor nutrition, sedentary lifestyle and exposure to the polluted environment.

However, its overload disrupts optimal functioning, the body can no longer cope and this triggers the development of chronic diseases.

This cucumber water is additional through your body, so you can remove all the accumulated waste naturally.

Diuretic effect

Fluid retention is a disorder which directly affects the weight gain and the occurrence of other diseases of an inflammatory nature.

This vegetable, as a source of water and nutrients, has a diuretic effect, which improves the function of the body, helping it to regulate the excretion of excess fluid.

All this, combined with its low calorie content makes cucumber water your great ally in the fight against obesity.

How to make cucumber water

As with other natural beverages, the preparation is quite simple and the effect depends on the consistency in which you need to drink it.

Ingredients: 1 cucumber, 1.5 liters of water, 0.5 lemon, 1 teaspoon Chia seeds (5 g).


Clean and chop the cucumber slices, then mix it in the blender along with other ingredients.

Whisk all in a few minutes, until the mixture is smooth.

Strain the drink and enjoy its freshness.

If desired, you can add ice cubes to make it even more refreshing.