Named ways to improve vision that anyone can use

According to physicians, the main way to improve eyesight is the reduction of time spent in front of screens, gadgets and TV. In addition, each person can perform simple exercises.

Названы способы улучшить зрение, которые может использовать каждый

Experts note that the problems associated with vision impairment, today is much younger – this is primarily due to the fact that human eyes are constantly looking at the displays of electronic devices. Experts say: it’s very important to adjust the settings screens of gadgets, the resolution, contrast, brightness and backlight so that the display light did not cause additional tension in the eyes.

In addition, you need to follow the diet: necessary for good vision minerals the body needs to obtain primarily from natural products. The diet should be egg yolks, spinach, cabbage, fatty fish and other sources of omega-3 acids, which nourish the retina of the eyes, and foods with carotenoids, precursors of vitamin A.

The quality of vision decreases dramatically due to stress and nervous tension nerves. Experts emphasize that you need to learn to relax and not to allow the nervousness to take over a top is useful not only for improving the condition of the eyes.

If you wear glasses, they should be of good quality, experts add. For example, according to them, in low-quality sunglasses UV can damage the surface of the eye and its internal structure.