Named ways to prevent early appearance of gray hair

Scientists did some research and figured out how to stop the graying of hair at an early stage.

Названы способы предотвратить раннее появление седины

They also came to the conclusion why this happens.

Experts say that the first step is not to succumb to stressful situations.

As it turned out, stress in General negatively affects the entire body. He is also the first cause of graying hair.

If a person started early to turn grey hair, it also needs to check yourself for thyroid disease and pituitary. If the doctors find a problem in the endocrine system, it will be necessary to treat in the first place it.

Premature graying can cause the lack of certain vitamins in particular vitamin B. This deficiency may be caused by the prolonged intake of contraceptives or predominance in the diet with vegetarian products.

The gray hair is a natural and almost inevitable consequence of age-related processes. But in some situations, hair graying too fast.

According to statements of scientists, premature graying can cause Smoking. In heavy smokers, and also those people who live next to them and are constantly forced to inhale tobacco smoke, gray hair faster. Cigarette smoke contributes to accelerated change in hair color due to the fact that it contains elevated levels of free radicals.