Named ways to protect the body from contact with plastic

The first measure of protection from plastic is not to use bottled water, say scientists. The advice of scientists that help to reduce the risk of plastic particles in the human body, was published by the Washington Post.

Названы способы защитить организм от попадания пластика

Today already precisely it is known that microparticles of plastic penetrate into living organisms including human bodies. According wildlife Fund who has studied the problem in collaboration with researchers from the University of Newcastle (Australia), on average, in the human body for a week.

Although the impact of plastic on the bodies and human tissue is not fully understood, available data suggest that its impact can hardly be considered safe. Experiments with animals have shown that plastic particles can overcome the protective barrier of the membranes that protect the brain against the penetration of foreign particles. It is also known that plastic is passed through the placenta to the fetus from the mother.

In addition, in studies it was found that the influence of the plastic containing the chemical styrene can cause the development of various pathologies, including disorders of the nervous system and cancer.

“To avoid plastic in the body 100%, perhaps, will not work. However, it is possible to significantly reduce the risk of penetration”, — said the chemist Sherr Mason.

According to his advice, you need to stop to use for drinking bottled water. Mason stressed that water from plastic bottles is the main source for the micro-plastic man.

The expert also advised to abandon the use of plastic containers and stop to heat food in plastic containers.

In addition, the experts of the American Academy of pediatricians advised not to put plastic dishes and utensils in the dishwasher and to prevent the emergence of dust at home because dust is a rich store of plastic microparticles.