Names unwelcome years ago. With what name we once could break a child's life

It is not known what determined the assessment, which name is pride and which name is shame …

 Names unfavorable years ago. What name once could break a child's life

However that ancient names could have been a faux pas because they were given to strong, courageous, character-minded people who would pass on to a child along with the given name …

The names they bear were laughed at noble qualities

As we know, names have their origin, meaning, patron, character and give personality to their owners. They are usually given based on the personal history of the child's parent, a desire to give or stamp importance to certain people or phenomena …

And yet many names have been thrown into the abyss of oblivion because someone once said that they bring shame to their archaism or sound. It is a pity, because it is difficult to say whether Kunegunda, or Dżesika or Vanessa is more Polish.

The multitude of Brajank & oacute; is currently playing with the Larysa, and Apolonia or Agata are slowly being forgotten, unfortunately in many houses were given “unwelcome” names, such as Piotr, Onufry or Maciej.

Fortunately, many “archaic” names return to their splendor, albeit in a slightly different form. Apolonia became Pola, Antoni became Antek, and Aleksandra became Ola.

Let us ask ourselves if there was any purpose in suppressing the features in children that were not given to them with the appropriate name?