Naomi Campbell appeared at the party in “bullet” dress

Yesterday in London hosted a charity screening of the Fund Naomi Campbell Fashion For Relief. The model created this organization in 2005 to help victims of hurricane Katrina, but since then the profile of the organization was greatly expanded. So, this time the collected funds will be used to help needy children.

Наоми Кэмпбелл появилась на вечеринке в «простреленном» платье

However, there was another important problem that Naomi wanted to draw your attention to street crime.

At the afterparty of the show, the supermodel of the 90 appeared in a white dress, which was a gaping oozing wound — fortunately, only in print.

Наоми Кэмпбелл появилась на вечеринке в «простреленном» платье

However, according to the British police since the beginning of the year on the streets of London killed 109 people. So, the day of the show next to the city fair was the corpse of the man with stab wounds.

It seems that Naomi could not remain indifferent to this event and react to what is happening in this way. It should be noted that such incidents Campbell take to heart, as street violence had to face her family.

So when Naomi was a little girl, her uncle was attacked with a knife. Becoming famous, Campbell repeatedly called to deal with street crime. Alas, already a star, Naomi suffered another personal drama — her close friend and favorite designer, who made her a supermodel, Gianni Versace was shot dead on his doorstep in Miami.