Naomi Campbell is in love with a millionaire from Egypt

Naomi Campbell recently made a confession that again in love. Insiders believe, top model is the darling of millionaire from Egypt.

Наоми Кэмпбелл влюблена в миллионера из Египта

You know, Naomi Campbell is spinning in the circles of high society, but because her lovers are usually men, having a big financial status. A new novel celebrity is no exception. Close to 47-year-old star, people began to notice her in the company of Louis Camilleri, a businessman from Egypt. According to them, 61-year-old entrepreneur and fashion model for about two months of Dating, and their relationship developed in a positive way. According to witnesses, the Kenyan model noticed the gleam in his eyes, indicating that she feels happy. Thus she did not disclose any details of the new novel.

On his page in social network Instagram Naomi Campbell constantly shares photos and talks about her modeling activities, but tries not to touch the subject of personal life. Subscribers are constantly asking questions to the idol, which is still without a reply from the stars.