Naomi Campbell spoke about her choice

Supermodel Naomi Campbell said she was in love with. 49-year-old Campbell added that her lover was unknown to the General public people.

Наоми Кэмпбелл рассказала о своем избраннике

You don’t know who became my new victim. And it’s actually not who you know, but my heart… my heart is happy

Campbell said.

The model also shared information about how, in her opinion, should be a man. According to Naomi, first of all he must love myself and not seek love from another person. She says that true love comes only after becoming confident.

Naomi touched upon the topic of age. Next year she turns 50 years old, but she is not afraid of this figure.

I’m not afraid that I will be 50 years. I look forward to the holiday. I want to dance the night away surrounded by the people I love and have been with me in grief and joy

said Campbell.