NASA: climate Change happen because the Earth’s orbit, not because of fossil fuels

More than 60 years, the National Aeronautics and space administration (NASA) knew that the changes of weather and climate on Earth are completely natural. In 1958, NASA said that changes in the orbit and axial tilt of the Earth are the reason that climate scientists call the “warming” (or cooling, depending on the situation). In other words, people are not “warm” and “cool” the planet by burning hydrocarbons or driving cars. This publication reports the Natural News.

НАСА: Изменения климата происходят из-за орбиты Земли, а не из-за ископаемого топлива

“But instead publish the data, NASA has preferred to keep silence and watch as the liberals crazy with fear that the world is supposedly about to collapse because of the growth of consumption of oil, gas and coal,” continues the publication.

As noted, in 2000, NASA published on its website an article about climate theory of Milankovitch. It was argued that changes in the world occur due to factors unrelated to human activities. “But even after 19 years, this information was not widespread, as a result obsessed with the problem of climate leftist forces began to assert that we only have 18 months until the moment when the planet will die from excess carbon dioxide (CO2). The truth, however, that the seasonal and latitudinal variations of solar radiation, which in different ways and at different times affect the Land, have the greatest impact on climate change on Earth. This theory was proposed by the Serbian astrophysicist Milutin Milankovitch,” reports Natural News.

Illustrations to the article show the degree to which the Land may shift. For more severe deviations, the seasons of summer and winter become extreme values. With weaker deviations are moderate. A similar situation occurs with the axis of rotation of the Earth, which depending on which hemisphere directed to the Sun during perihelion, can significantly affect the seasonal extremes between the two hemispheres. Based on these variables, the Milankovitch was able to create a complete mathematical model which is able to calculate the surface temperature of the Earth in the past. The conclusion is simple: the Earth’s climate has always changed and continues to change is not a result of human activities, the newspaper notes.

“After Milankovitch first proposed his model, it is still almost half a century was ignored by the scientific community. In 1982, six years after the publication of this study, national research Council of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States confirmed the Milankovitch theory, stating that “…deflection remain the most thoroughly examined mechanism affecting climate change over tens of thousands of years, and are certainly the most striking example of the direct impact on the lower atmosphere of Earth that occurs as a result of varying levels of insolation”.

“Summarizing, we can say that the biggest factor influencing weather and climate features on Earth is the Sun. Point”, — says the publication.

“But instead of accepting this truth, today’s scientists engaged in climate change, joined by left-wing politicians and interested media, insist that failure to use reusable bags in supermarkets and the lack of electric cars will destroy the planet so quickly that we just have to introduce carbon taxes for all countries — continues to Natural News. But, as we discovered, is a lie. The debate about climate change has nothing to do with science. This is an attempt of the elites to impose political and economic control over the population”.