NASA scientists have discovered a parallel universe where time is running backward

A group of scientists at NASA, working on an experiment in Antarctica found evidence for the existence of a parallel universe where the rules of physics are opposite to those that exist in our world, writes the New York Post.

Ученые NASA обнаружили параллельную вселенную, где время течет назад

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The concept of a parallel universe exists from the beginning of 1960-ies, mostly in the minds of fans of the sci-Fi TV show and comics. But now theories have some research evidence. Experiment on detection of cosmic rays revealed particles that, according to scientists, came from the parallel world, also born at the Big Bang.

The experts used a giant balloon to transport the impulse response of the antenna to NASA (called ANITA) high over Antarctica, where cold, dry air provides a perfect environment for research, with virtually no radio noise, distort the results.

“Wind” consisting of energetic particles, constantly arriving on Earth from space.

According to the report, the low-energy sub-atomic neutrino mass close to zero, can completely pass through the Earth, but objects with higher energy stop solid matter in the composition of our planet.

This means that high-energy particles can only be detected “coming down” from space, but the team ANITA found the heavier particles, the so-called Tau-neutrinos, which “fly” out of the Ground.

According to the data obtained, such particles are, in fact, are moving backward in time, which suggests the existence of a parallel universe.

Principal investigator ANITA Peter gorh, experimental physicist at the University of Hawaii, suggested that the only explanation of how Tau-neutrinos can behave this way, is that they turn into particles of another type before you pass through the Land, and then to return again.

The gorhi, lead author at Cornell University, describing a strange phenomenon, noted that he and his colleagues saw several of these “impossible event” that some were skeptical.

“Not everyone liked this idea”, — he told New Scientist.

The simplest explanation of this phenomenon is that the Big Bang 13.8 billion years ago was formed the two universes — ours and another, which from our point of view moves in the opposite direction, and the time it flows back.

If possible the inhabitants of a parallel universe exist, they think we’re retarded.

“We have the most exciting or the most boring possibility,” said Ibrahim Safa, who also worked on the experiment.



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