Nastya Kamenskikh stressed the figure of a seductive outfit

Nastya Kamensky continues his busy “TV and radio marathon” on Mexico. Recall that the couple flew to the country a couple of weeks ago. In Mexico Nastya and Potap literally every day showed his fans dozens of photos and videos from guests.

Настя Каменских подчеркнула фигуру соблазнительным аутфитом

Of course, Kamensky did not deny himself the pleasure to show a series of stylish summer looks, including swimwear. After a busy day Kamensky and Potap are not hurried to return to Ukraine. As it turned out, in Mexico, the singer, has scheduled a full press tour at radio and TV show! For each such output Nastya is preparing a new image.

The Anastasia called for the editor of fashion publications EstiloDF. As well as Televisa. Note that the “Grupo Televisa of” Mexican media conglomerate, the world’s largest Spanish-speaking countries and the second largest in Latin America after Brazil, “Organizacoes Globo”.

On his page in the network instagram Anastasia hastened to show a new bright image to the next esters. The singer chose a striking outfit in a slinky black dress with a massive floral print. Also, the image adds trending top black leather with metal inserts. On legs — black lace-up high heels.

“Thank you for a good interview, EstiloDF. It was a great conversation”, — has signed one of Nastya.

Of course, the kind words Kamensky gave the Studio and Televisa!

Nastya’s fans were quick to comment on her new edgy:

  • “As always babe”
  • “Nastya is the best”
  • “Awesome outfit”
  • “You’re the bomb”
  • “God, you’re gorgeous, inspire”
  • “That is beautiful!”