Nastya Kamensky admired the slim figure in a swimsuit

Nastya Kamensky manages to perfectly combine work and leisure — so, recently the singer has released the hot video for a fresh track Elefante, which has caused heated debate on the network. At the same time, now the actress, along with her beloved husband Potap enjoys vacation in exotic Mexico.

Настя Каменских восхитила стройной фигурой в купальнике

Star couple basking on the sand by the ocean and pleases fans of vivid videos and pictures of the resort. Of course She took a whole collection of swimsuits and showing them off, showing off his slim figure. The singer shared the new hot shot of the beach that looks like a postcard.

Kamensky posing on the sand in a lemon-yellow one piece bathing suit, adopting a seductive pose with one hand she rested to the side, and the second threw it into the hair, exposing the face of the sun and effectively putting one foot forward.

“I love my working vacation,” commented the singer.

Subscribers showered Kamensky admiring compliments and wish her a great stay.

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