Nastya Kamensky admitted that he used to hate Potap

Wedding Nastya Kamensky and Potap in may of this year became one of the most talked-about events — many were happy for the star couple and were touched by their love and happiness. Once there is no need to escape, the lovers are happy to demonstrate their feelings in public and in the network, regularly publishing romantic and even spicy photo sharing and showing moments of his life. In interview to the program “Coffee with pepper”, the singer revealed the secret to their strong relationship, and also commented on the rumors about her pregnancy.

Настя Каменских призналась, что раньше ненавидела Потапа

According to Nastya, they kept their relationship secret until the wedding because I wanted to save them only for the two of them.

“We never hid anything — we kept our relationship for us. It’s just the time we wanted for their fans to open up, to show that we love each other that we’re all great. We prepare all year for this event, picked a date and made the wedding in boho rustic American such Italy” — shared the actress.

However, there was a time when these two just hated each other, while together, formed the most successful duet “Potap and Nastya”.

“Really hated each other, I will tell you, I remember when we traveled in separate cars, were in different hotels, to not see each other because they quarreled with him. Behind the scenes, my God! But we got to these cool friends, partners,” — said Kamensky.

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In her opinion, their secret is that they really respect each other and all differences discussed calmly and without arguments.

“Now our relationship is very strong. Problems can be solved very calmly, with great respect to each other. Come and say — look, I have one thing I want to discuss with you. We calmly discuss, come to some conclusion and decide this issue. We’re not fighting at all,” said the singer.

Despite his busy concert schedule, She manages to be a good hostess.

“I have time on tour to manage a company, I have time to prepare us with Alex foods for 2-3 days to eat properly. I still have time to do my household chores and a lot of things. When guests come, I set the table, but there are no super dishes, I just do what I know, for example, paste”, — says the singer.

She spoke about constantly walking in a network and mass-media rumours about her pregnancy.

“When I’m pregnant, everyone will know about it now nothing left to say. At this stage I’m not pregnant,” said the wife of the captain.

By the way, according to the singer, Grigory Leps — a true romantic.

“My Alex is very romantic guy. We work a lot, the constant touring and all that. And this was the day we were in Kiev and he said — I’m tired of this, I want to spend time with you. Now let’s call the whole thing off and meet me. And we had a romantic meeting and tour of the city,” recalls the star.