Nastya Kamensky boasted sporting achievement

Nastya Kamensky and Potap recently literally show every day thousands of army of fans of their sports routine. The pair actively trains and attends classes with a personal trainer when you are in Kiev and they have time for it. When it every time the exercises were varied. Potap and Nastya not only go to the gym, but also run, do power training outdoors and even playing basketball!

Настя Каменских похвасталась спортивным достижением

One of the recent workouts of the star couple was devoted to team sport. So, on his page in the network instagram Kamensky, as usual, published the morning video of the car — along with the farm they go to practice.

“And traditionally the morning video. Good morning! We Lehoy ready to go to practice. While we have the opportunity and we are in Kiev, we go every day” — says Nastya videos. The corresponding video was published in twitter-account MyGlamWish.

Still later appeared the video, which recorded a commendable achievement Nasti. As it turned out, today’s practice the pair was playing basketball. The coach took the moment when Nastya throws the basketball into the hole the first time!

Later the coach Potap and Nastya Andrew Khomitsky has published a group photo with them. According to him, 90 minutes, they played basketball.

“The result is more eloquent than any words. The result of our am — 90 minutes of basketball,” writes Khomitsky.