Nastya Kamensky completely refused from alcohol

Nastya Kamenskih is willing to share with the fans their beauty secrets and weight loss and primudrostey the preservation of a strong relationship. A few years ago, the singer managed to lose weight more than 20 kg! Your sweetheart too “caught up” and Potapov, taking the example of her strong will. Today Anastasia says as she continue to manages to keep such a significant result in losing weight and not break. The singer has told in interview to the program “kawa z pepper” on the channel “Ukraine”.

Настя Каменских полностью отказалась от алкоголя

For example, Nastya admitted that 5 years doesn’t drink coffee with sugar. Sugar she gets is that during the rare treats at the party — in the form of a cookie or something else sweet.

“I have no home sugar, sugar,” — said Kamensky.

As it turned out, Nastya, in principle, does not hold any home products which can harm her body. This includes: flour, sugar, flour, butter and sunflower oil — just olive. For cooking Nastya uses pink Himalayan salt.

Also the singer completely refused from alcohol. And recognized, that feels great!

“We are proud to say that I’m not interested,” — says Nastya.

Schedule Nastia also admire. The singer is preparing itself!

“I have Breakfast at 7 am, the next meal is 10. 13 — lunch, 16 — second lunch. Last time eating at seven in the evening. Go to bed at 21:30,” says Kamensky. But to fall asleep the girl helps meditation! Today Nastya strive for harmony and balance in life.