Nastya Kamensky delighted fans willpower

Nastya Kamenskih for a long time with sports on “you”. Wherever she was and whatever you downloaded was not her work schedule, the star finds time to jog and exercise, and adhere to a usual diet.

Настя Каменских восхитила поклонников силой воли

So, the artist said that he used to eat five times a day and even explained their menu. Nastia is also a very early riser to get more done during the day and are accustomed to this beloved husband. And while the captain went on tour with his band MOZGI, Nastya habitually in a hurry for a morning jog. Photos in the Park, where she works with coach Andrew Homick and a group of lovers of the outdoors training, the singer shared on Instagram.

It turned out that at seven in the morning star was already up and Jogging in the Botanical garden in Kiev. The actress said that she is happy to be back to the usual pace of life, and jet lag after a long trip to Mexico just recently, the star was overcome jet lag (syndrome of change of time zone).

“Subota. 7 the wound. I’m high scho prichala Dodoma I moju nastupati svy mode that rotate to their typical way of life. Everyone knows, what does good day I good mood,” he wished her.

She was accompanied by the text of the motivating photo, which showed his sporting bow. The singer posing in black leggings, comfortable jacket-the anorak, sneakers and a white cap.

“Good morning all lazy. We are now doing with Andrew. Few people came, but came,” he said with a radiant smile star.

Fans appreciated the dedication, patience and a powerful motivation Nastya, which strictly adheres to the mode.

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