Nastya Kamensky demonstrated pajama image

Nastya Kamenskih put a lot of effort to lose weight, and now successfully maintains his form. The singer never misses an opportunity to boast of his postroynevshaya figure and gladly shares his spectacular photos in bikinis and other skimpy outfits in social networks. By the way, recently the actress confessed which body part is most prominent, and also noted that he supports bodypositive. Now they Potap enjoy relaxing in the hot Mexico and the artist regularly excites fans of the hot shots, reports the with reference to RBC.

Настя Каменских продемонстрировала пижамный образ

Outdoor shots from Cancun Nastya imprinted on a hanging wooden path leading among tropical jungle. To walk the celebrity has chosen a bold silk dress, underwear style — the upper part of the outfit black, and the lower Golden yellow.

Deep neckline emphasized the magnificent bust of the singer, and the perspective of one of the photos emphasized her sexy ass. Complements the impressive bow of the massive earrings and loose curly hair singer.

Fans could not pass up and threw Kamensky admiring comments, admiring her figure and saucy onions.

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  • Cool bow, I want one
  • Gorgeous girl!!!))
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  • Mexikanska to rasavitsa ,you’re unreal
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  • Ass like Kim)
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