Nastya Kamensky in a spectacular mini shared their happiness

Nastya Kamensky successfully hitting radio stations and TV channels Mexico, with the presentation of his new hit “ELEFANTE”, which in a short time managed to blow up the network and got since its premiere more than 8 million views on YouTube. Her husband, producer and rapper Potap supports his wife and accompanies her to the meetings. Nastya admits that he is happy to be in Mexico and to tell the world about recent findings in the works, because she does not forget about the important goal to “Grammy”! So, the actress shared her new dramatic way, which visited the office of popular Hispanic music platform Claro Música.

Настя Каменских в эффектном мини поделилась своим счастьем

The singer chose a short leather skirt and trendy black denim long jacket with fringe on the sleeves and pattern on the back as well as the massive comfortable white sneakers. Nastya radiant smiles widely at the camera, posing on a sun-drenched street.

“I’m so happy to be here to present his new song ELEFANTE! Things are going very well and I’m so excited about what’s going on here!” the singer admitted.

Fans appreciated the way Nastya and her slender legs, but especially it was evident her happy.

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