Nastya Kamensky in the image of “black Panther” presented a huge hit

Nastya Kamenskih now leads a very busy life — recently, the singer returned from Mexico, where he managed to relax with her husband Potapov, and actively presented his hit Elefante on the most popular and large-scale shows and a radio with an audience of millions — Central FM, Teleurban, UNO TV, Telehit – Radar Urbano. In addition, the new track artist received airplay on national radio in the USA, Canada and Mexico. And so she presented it in Kiev — star concert, “an Evening with the Prime Minister Ekaterina Osadchaya,” which took place on 12 November.

Настя Каменских в образе «черной пантеры» презентовала свой суперхит

Nastya came on the scene in the bright and candid image of a Pantera Negra — “black Panthers”. It became the highlight latex black bodysuit, tights in animal print, which is emphasized by the slim legs of the actress, as well as a bright on-trend jacket pink crocodile leather. Hair she gathered in a beautiful hairstyle.

“This is an incredible happiness to introduce today their new track Elefante here and realize that a few hours ago I was singing it for his listeners on the other end of the globe and told the Hispanics about magic the Ukrainian sopilka. About this the dream of every artist. Don’t miss live and feel together with me rousing drive Elefante”, commented a happy NK.

Unexpected for the audience a surprise was the performance of mother and godmother Nastya — Kamenskih Lydia (ex-vocalist of the choir. Rope) and Alla Kudlay (people’s artist of Ukraine). They performed an ironic song “Girlfriend” about female friendship, which she was given my mother’s birthday. The author of the words and music were made by her husband Alex Potapenko (Potapov).

According to the artist, with Potap was able to fulfill a small dream of his family: “Mom has long with the cross discussed the idea to sing together. And Alex knew about it. And mom’s birthday was the perfect occasion for such a surprise — to realize their little dream come true. For me family will always come first, and to see their burning eyes was an incredible happiness.”

Настя Каменских в образе «черной пантеры» презентовала свой суперхит

Mother of the singer could not hold back their emotions.

“It was a very unexpected gift. But a greater gift to me, of course, my daughter and thing and tops it reached. To speak with her today on the same stage is a big honor for us,” said Lydia Kamensky.

Note that the mother Kamensky looked very stylish and fashionable woman came on the scene in the blue long jacket, torn jeans and ankle boots heels denim. Waist she said Golden sash with pink lettering and an accessory used with latex pink fingerless gloves.