Nastya Kamensky said that he had taught the captain to the early climbs and sport

Popular singer Nastya Kamensky told how to change her spouse Alexey Potapenko in the bedroom. She taught stellar husband to get up early.

Настя Каменских рассказала, что приучила Потапа к ранним подъемам и спорту

She Kamensky is a lark, but Alex Potapenko owl. The singer used to go to bed earlier and Wake up at 5 am. In the morning she was scheduled to always present sports training. The rapper used to go to bed after midnight and get up closer to 10 o’clock hurrah. Kamensky proudly stated that five months of marriage she managed to teach the husband to go to bed early.

“Recently, at 8 PM we went into the bedroom, and he asked: “What have you done to me?”. I was a normal guy, and now for me to go to bed so early — it’s okay,” said the artist in an interview.

If the singers are on tour, in the morning they go for a run. Passers-by can often find Kamenskih and Potap on the street during a training session in Kiev Botanical garden.

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