Nastya Kamensky showed a flat tummy and ample Breasts

Nastya Kamensky was used to life on the road – a busy tour schedule, frequent travel and change of cities was an integral part of the regime. Sports star does not forget about training, wherever it may be, finds time to practice and run, and the results of the efforts of the singer had a positive effect on her figure. Artist misses no opportunity to show exciting twists on the camera and often encouraged followers on Instagram candid snapshots.

Настя Каменских продемонстрировала плоский животик и пышную грудь

On a black and white frame Nastya decided to demonstrate in all its glory its shape – flat tummy and ample Breasts in the bra top. She settled down reclining with headphones and decided to talk with fans about the hard life of the artist.

“Gastrol… TSE always so vaiko. Without normal mode beskriva stress for organza without lyudskogo like I “nycrama” roads. But, if bachish vashi Ochi at concerts, zabyvayutsya all in I salecause lachey Prime spohady! Thank you everyone knows, what does hto come to moï concert”, — the singer left a caption in the Ukrainian language.

Fans appreciated the attractive appearance and slim shape sports Nastia, as reported in the comments under the picture.

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