Nastya Kamensky showed appetizing forms

Nastya Kamenskih now with the beloved husband Potap resting in Mexico and never misses a chance to show off their appetizing forms on candid photos. Recently the singer frankly told him which body part she is most outstanding, and also noted that he supports bodypositive. Now she decided to confirm words with deeds, and for fresh photos in Instagram lit up the same part of the figure, which is very proud of the elastic buttocks.

Настя Каменских продемонстрировала аппетитные формы

Nastya shared a spectacular photo, which she bravely poses on the edge of a cliff which offers a breathtaking view of the jungle. However, the “rear view” on the artist is also impressive! The celebrity chose to walk brown t-shirt and short denim shorts, white sneakers and a interesting straw hat, decorated with feathers. Your gorgeous hair she left loose and stands with his back to the camera, admiring the views from the heights.

Kamensky urged fans not to be afraid to set themselves ambitious targets.

“Never be afraid to set ambitious goals and believe in achieving them. Say every day affirmations, work on yourself, and every day do what ever will bring you closer to your goal. Also, don’t forget to love yourself and find that same life balance. Agree, doubt there will always be, not avoided, but I think it’s better to try and make mistakes than to do nothing. And each broke the top opens up new horizons. P. S. Want to see a new vlog from Sunny and such a different Mexico?” — shared the singer.

Followers do not get tired to admire the delicious booty Nasty and assure her that it is waiting for a new vlog.

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