Nastya Kamensky spoke about the reunification of the Duo Potap and Nastya

Nastya Kamensky and Potap on return from Mexico immediately started to work. Nastya managed to star in the TV version of the concert “Evening Prime with Katerina Osadchaya” and admired the bright appearance in the company of mom Lydia and the star’s godmother – Alla Kudlay. Now the singer found a free moment and decided to go live Instagram. She answered questions from fans that they are most concerned about.

Настя Каменских высказалась о воссоединении дуэта Потап и Настя

So, the actress spoke about the reunification of the Duo Potap and Nastya. She noted that each of the artists makes a successful solo projects, but does not exclude that one day unite with her husband for the sake of exciting creative experiment.

“We are so good individually. Why Potap and Nastya to get together to sing? In any case, if we meet, it will still not now. Because I build my career abroad and so it goes, Leszek kicks – he has so many projects and everything! Potap and Nastya – it was an awesome project, and for sure, if we decide to do something, it will be a bomber thing. But nobody takes a step back, going forward”, said Nastya.

Well as Nastya said, and when to expect replenishment in the family, because the question on pregnancy is most worried about is her fans and journalists.

“When the universe decides, then there will be completion. I have no control over this process,” said the singer.

NK also admitted that after staying in a farm in Mexico, they are both considerably lost weight. “We went skinny – trained hard, followed the diet and never drank alcohol”, — shared achievements of the artist.

Nastya has unveiled the first detailed menu for the day. “I eat five times a day is good runs my metabolism. I tried to eat three times a day, and I was uncomfortable. It three main meals and two snacks. Breakfast is sheep yogurt with kiwi or oatmeal with baked Apple. Snack 2-3 hours – protein or regular omelet and cucumber. Lunch – a little buckwheat or white fish, or cutlets of rabbit. Snack – anything protein or 2-3 nuts. Dinner somewhere at seven in the evening I eat fish with vegetables,” she explained.

The artist explained why goes to bed at nine o’clock, and at six is already out on the run.

“I never was hard to get up early. I – Skylark. The most difficult is to force yourself to go to bed early. When you have a huge goal and you understand that you need more time, so we need to get to bed early to get up early and achieve your goals. I get so much more than any other person and receive from it huge pleasure,” she assured.