Nastya Kamensky told about the difficult period in relations with Potapov

Now Potap and Nastya Kamensky — not only successful artists but also loving each other husband and wife. But even ten years ago they all knew, as a member of the popular Duo Potap and Nastya. Although on stage they sang humorous songs about love, in real life, the musicians hated each other.

Настя Каменских рассказала о сложном периоде в отношениях с Потапом

Over time, the hatred grew into love, and that difficult period Nastya Kamensky recalls with a smile. In “Sravi way” channel “Ukraina”, the actress said, as they feuded with Potapov.

“Mi really nenavideli one one. I’m pam I remember the period, if mi Stili have RSNA machines I Buli in RSNA gothel, not dwellers baciti single one, Bo so much svarilsya. Behind the scenes, God miy, Yak mi svarilsya!”-

recalls Nastya Kamensky.

As you can see, Potap and Nastya Kamenskih managed not only to reconcile but also to become one of the most beautiful couples of the Ukrainian show-business.

“Ale disli to spraving of Kruti friends, we can say, partners. Now Nashi relationships duzhe MCN”-

added the artist.