Nastya Kamensky told how life has changed after marriage

Nastya Kamensky not miss an opportunity to share a happy photo or video with her beloved husband Potapov. Couple together Jogging, during walks and go out on concerts and, of course, house artists willing to let fans into their lives and regularly supplied with portion of romance.

Настя Каменских рассказала, как изменились жизнь после брака

But it was not always – to the end of may, the singer and producer concealed his novel, though fans have long guessed about the chemistry between the stars. May 23, lovers played a magnificent wedding, which openly announced the day before. On how life has changed after the official bond of the relationship and public recognition, Nastya told in the “JWL” on channel 1+1.

The singer said they had tried hard to prevent any leakage of information in a network of relations with Potapov.

“A little has become easier for me because I picked out the photos and videos from blogs. Because we tried to save our relationship. And we’re also doing. Just for the fans, we decided to open our curtain. In order to show that we love that we have the total energy, we make cool songs. And consecrate them, by the way, each other”, — said Nastya.

It should be noted that Potapov has recently released a lyrical album MISHA, who dedicated to his beloved wife. In compositions, he tells the story of their love and development of relationships. The title song of the album was the track CHINA, the video for which has pleased fans of the rapper.

Potap and Nastya together in sports. Morning workout and jog in the fresh air was already a family tradition. The singer told how she managed to introduce a loved one to an active lifestyle.

“I started to exercise, eat right, take care of yourself and then Alex saw what my results, and so – and I want that. Here I will tell you the recipe of youth. The only is a sport, proper nutrition and of course good mood. Well, love too! Of course, love. It really puts you of energy, strength,” said the artist.