Nastya Kamensky told how life has changed after marriage

Popular singer Nastya Kamensky boasts not only a great career but a happy family life. Potapov repeatedly called his wife in an interview with a fantastic woman who knows how to take care of him. The Anastasia also does not hide the family idyll.

Настя Каменских рассказала, как изменилась жизнь после свадьбы

In interview to the program “Life of famous people” Nastya Kamenskikh said that after the wedding in may of 2019, their lives have not changed. The singer recalls how before marriage they were trying to save the relationship and not to show them publicly.

But at home star care about my beloved man. “Cooking time. There is something to brag about. Last night I made food for two days, all receptions,” she notes.

According to Kamensky, her recipe of youth is sport, proper nutrition, good mood and love. Nastia is also recognized that accustomed to the sport and Potap.

I started to exercise, eat right, take care of yourself, and then Alex saw what my results, and so – “And I want that”,– said Nastya.