Nastya Kamensky was intrigued by shots of a new clip

Ukrainian superstar Nastya Kamensky has intrigued fans shots new clip.

Настя Каменских заинтриговала кадрами нового клипа

From the first notes of the 10-second teaser clearly recognized the melody of the sopilka Ukrainian, and the actress appears in a playful way: in the ultra stylish glasses in the form of two Panther running towards each other.

Frames from new clip of the singer (video:

In one of his last interviews, Nastya Kamenskikh said that working on a Spanish album. So we can assume that this is the first song from the new album, which will hear the fans. According to the teaser, premiere will be held soon on 25th of October.

We will remind, the previous Spanish-and English-speaking trek actress broke many records. Peligroso 6 weeks held positions in the prestigious international Billboard charts, and Anastasia became the first Ukrainian artist in this prestigious list. In addition, the song became the most played version of the Music Choice and for six months kept in the TOP-30 on MTV among Latin American videos. Clip on Peligroso Remix is no less significant. He took first place in the charts one of the biggest music channels in Latin America HTVmusica.

But, it seems, the new work will be no less memorable. What is going to surprise singer in the next video?